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“The greatest problem facing any organism is successful reaction to its environment. Environment, speaking scientifically, is the sum total of your experiences. In plain United States, this means fitting vocationally, socially and maritally into the place where you are.
If you don’t fit you must move or change your environment to fit you. If you can’t change the environment and you won’t move you will become a failure, just as tropical plants fail when transplanted to the Nevada desert.”
From the book,
ON SIGHT by Elsie Lincoln Benedict
Written in 1921
I’m not sure what to think of that:-!

I’ve spent my life “bending” myself around my environment. I don’t think I even could change myself to “fit in”. I just be myself and those who can’t take my big ol tattooed self can basically suck it. For example we have moved to an area that has many Amish folk. They literally and openly stare at me and I can hear the wheels grinding but I smile and talk to them like I would anyone. I think they look pretty funny too but I don’t judge. The fact that their women still wear dresses and cover their hair amazes me but I am not going to hate on them for being different. I choose to change the “environment” of peoples pre-conceived notions. But this book was written in 1921 and people were alot different then so yeah then there is that.

Working On The House

Stuff I Dig!

It has been a busy month here at Casa de la Sparky. We finished the front fence and have started on some landscaping projects. I got my first bird feeders up. Lots of food for hummingbirds too! It has been in the high 90s all week and is going to be in the 100s for the next ten days they say. I will been working on it early morning and late evening to avoid the worst part of the heat.

Some before pics:







Some after pics:


 Vid 1

Vid 2


Fears Part II

Random Writings

I just woke up from another horrible dream.

I was outside in my back yard about dusk and a friend came running through the yard right past me yelling something I could not understand. Just seconds after she ran through her son followed. He had a machine gun and was shot and screaming the most blood curdling scream. He got halfway across the yard when I heard rapid popping sound coming from behind him coming from the front of the house. It was in slow motion now, I saw raw terror on his face when still at a dead run he began to fall. It looked as if he were trying to give me the machine gun but he was still too far away. Just then the person shooting out in front appeared at the corner of the house. It was a soldier with a red star on his helmet. My friends son still in slow motion with the gun pointed in my direction as if to throw it to me, pulled the trigger. I side stepped and bent down with my arms wrapped around my head. Suddenly the soldier began to fire in our direction too. The last thought I had before the scene abruptly changed was, “OMG it’s here!”

Then the dream changed, I was in an upper floor of a high rise apartment building on a city street and there was an apartment building right across the street. I was looking out the window down into the open window of a friends apartment. They were having a party and I was on the phone with them. My friend was standing in the window looking up at me, she was trying to convince me to come down and join the party. I was trying to beg off. She finally convince me to go and Maria and I got dressed and went downstairs. For some reason when we got outside we got into my truck which was park facing the building where the party was. All of a sudden people where running and screaming. Just then my friend came running up to the truck on my side and her son on Maria’s side. My friend started saying that the TV said we were at war with Russia and they were already here in the U.S. She said there were soldiers arresting people. Her and her son had just dodged them inside and made it to the truck. She was asking for me to take her and the boy with us because I said we need to get the hell out of there. I said “GET IN” but as I looked across at Maria she had changed from Maria into April and she had that nasty look on her face she always got when I pissed her off. She was shaking head head no and telling me no we weren’t letting them in. I was just gearing up to battle her over it when I woke up. I woke up thanking God I’m with someone more mature and sane.

I guess this thing with Russia is still in my head.